Pratham POS

Pratham Business Suite (Solution for Retail Store) o

Pratham is an end-to-end retail chain solution of Achyut Labs. It is a POS system that intends to serve any retail chain, which includes Point of Sale (POS) for services and products, administration of all stores, sales reports, customers and employee management. This product also has a booking system specific for barber stores. Pratham is exclusively customized for the Barber stores as an online salon booking system worldwide. This includes eCommerce solutions. Customers can schedule appointments at any of the stores on the list using this POS solution, and the store's calendar and notifications will be updated.

The POS system is essential in business because it will ease the customer's payment and make calculations on your side. You can choose from open source and low-cost options. In this POS system, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount may prepare an invoice, and indicates the prospects for the customer to make payment.

We Delivered o

1. POS - Offline and Online Windows Application
2. Customer Portal with Ecommerce
3. Customer Notification System
4. Booking System
5. EFTPOS payment system
6. Invoice, Transaction per Barber
7. Employee sign in and out
8. Product sale and inventory at every store
9. Customer profile and reward system
10. Pop up a reminder for Barber while billing for product sale
11. Admin Panel and Dashboard for reports
12. Many more features

Product Architecture o

Salon booking system

Components' Brief o

Admin Portal o

Admin portal is a UI-based web app component. It provides Admin users to manage (CRUD) master entities (Store, Product, Price, etc.) and can see all business reports concerning registered stores against tenants.

Customer Portal o

The customer portal is a public UI web app component. It facilitates customers to buy hair products and book their appointment with the choice of their store and Barber

Point of Sale (POS) o

POS is a store-based desktop UI component. It enables store users to generate invoices for services that customers opted for and provides an interface to sell products. It is an offline component and syncs with the cloud on set intervals or user requests.

Booking Dashboard o

A booking dashboard is a web or desktop-based component that is excellent for integrating with the POS interface. It is an online component and real-time connected with booking web service. Barbers can see (future customer's appointments), and book new or cancel appointments with the interface.

API Gateway o

It is the facade between UI and backend components. Technically it is a single secure endpoint for every UI request to hit a server.

Master Data Service (MDS) o

It is the web service response to perform CRUD operations for master data entities (Store, Product, etc..).

Order, Inventory, and Payment Service (OIPS) o

It is the web service response to process orders, inventory, and payments.

POS Sync Service o

It is the web service responsible for syncing offline store transactions with the cloud master database.

Reward Service o

It is the web service responsible for maintaining customer reward points.

Booking Service o

A web service responsible for managing customer appointment data.

Database o

It is a cloud-hosted SQL database that holds all data for all transactions and master data.

Entities/Different Users o


  • Customers can schedule appointments at any listed stores, and the notification and calendar for that store will update as a result. It displays the available slots.
  • Customers who use a website can make reservations, view their transaction history, and buy things after creating an account and logging in.
  • Customers are notified by email for rewards and offers and can access the same on their accounts.


  • Admin manages all sales agents ( barbers)
  • Monitors transactions
  • Add/Modify products and inventory
  • Setup rewards and offers
  • Setup advertisement / offer / video
  • Can modify transaction if required
  • Can visit Dashboard to see how each store is performing
  • Analysis of Store performance over the week/month/year
  • Compare the store's performances
  • Notify the Barbers about work and shift details

Salesperson / Agent / Store Operator

  • A sales agent (Barber) is in every store and handles customers physically.
  • Every Transaction in the invoice will reflect the Barber who handled the customer, which shows total income and transactions at the end of the day.
  • Barber's profile reflects transactions and sign-in and sign-out records.
  • Barbers cannot edit any records once the transaction is complete.
  • Barbers can see the calendar of the respective store to plan their time.

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