• Everything New In Flutter 3
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Oct 20, 2022

Everything New In Flutter 3

A new Flutter update is here, and it has world-shaken the whole mobile app development industry. Everybody's excited, but not you. Why? This might be because while all those who wanted to improve their skills are using Visual Studio Code now, you are still on vim.

The entire app development business has been rocked by the arrival of the latest, enormous Flutter version. In Google I/O last year, Flutter declared its 2.2 version. Since then, Flutter has undergone a few significant enhancements and stable releases. The new features in Flutter 3 will leave you speechless.

  • Cascading menus

    The platform-specific integration menu enables better management of macOS applications for a fast compilation that provides better support. The new Flutter comes with fresh inputs, platform-specific integration, and interactive models.
  • macOS & Linux are stable

    Finally, the FLutter 3 allows the addition of macOS and Linux to the list of reliable support, joining Windows, Web, Android, and iOS, which have all been stable for a while. Flutter 3 is among the main achievements since Flutter 3.0 supports all six platforms formally on the stable channel.
  • Material design 3

    The switch to Material Design 3 is one of the top highlights of our discussion of what's new in Flutter 3. The Flutter team has provided a flexible cross-platform design solution to turn your Flutter app into an interactive product.
  • Flutter firebase

    The application distributors need a full set of tools to assist you in using, assembling, and publishing your Flutter applications. These include operations like data storage, verification, authentication, testing of devices, and cloud capabilities. Moreover, different third-party combination combinations, including Firebase, AWS Amplify, Sentry, and AppWrite, are also hosted by Flutter.
  • Mobile updates

    The stable release of Flutter 3 is revolutionary for all cutting-edge mobile app developers. Developers can now provide users with a more streamlined experience thanks to new technology. The most beautiful designs and tonnes of cool widgets and functionality would now work on foldable smartphones.
  • Games toolkit

    This time, the Flutter team has focused on developing a toolkit for casual games that is simple to use. It provides cloud services and a startup kit of templates and credits for advertisements.
How did Flutter 3 happen?

The Flutter team at Google has been improving and adding new capabilities to the platform ever since Flutter 1.0 was released four years ago. This provided mobile app developers with an enhanced experience in developing new applications.

To enhance the iOS user experience, Google provided new developer tools and support for Metal in later versions of Flutter 1.0. Google incorporated Material You, the subsequent iteration of the Material design, in later versions of 2.0, such as 2.5.

Finally, Flutter 3.0 has been released, offering even better and more potent development tools for producing engaging user experiences.


Suppose you wonder why the community has been so active and diligent in bringing Flutter to fame. In that case, it is because Flutter has been contributing significantly to small-scale businesses and multinational firms globally.

In addition to these upgrades, Flutter 3.0 includes several new and improved basic components and functionality. In this release, we have covered all the basics that would help you to understand what's exciting in the new Flutter 3.