• 5 Best Tools For Laravel Development
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Oct 20, 2022

5 Best Tools For Laravel Development

Laravel development has been rising lately. So have the number of businesses taking advantage of this versatile framework to build high-quality web apps with beautiful user interfaces.

Laravel is based on the well-respected and widely used Symfony framework. The Laravel framework provides several essential tools for developers, making building websites and applications more accessible. This blog will help you to know about the five best tools useful for Laravel development:

Laravel Framework: Introduction

A PHP-based open-source framework called Laravel enables you to create engaging and sophisticated web applications. This framework makes it easy to deliver bespoke solutions that utilise MVC architecture.

  1. PHPStorm

    PHPStorm is one of the leading PHP development environments because it works great with the Laravel framework. It is a tool with powerful features and an intuitive interface that makes it an ideal tool for the process of building web applications.

    In addition to offering code completion and syntax highlighting, this tool also supports features specific to Laravel, such as blade template loading, artisan command execution, and route injection.

    Features of PHPStorm

    • Easy search: This tool makes it simple to look for a specific code section or troubleshoot a problem.
    • Smart code editor: The code is finished, syntax highlighting is provided, and code configuration is made possible. This capability can be used with a variety of languages and codes.
    • Analyses quality: The code quality is one of the main problems you could run across. You can check and update the tool to increase the quality and enhance bug fixes for better coding experiences.
  2. Bitbucket

    As a developer, you will likely be familiar with GitHub or Bitbucket. Both provide git services; you can pick one based on your project and the requirements for the application. Bitbucket is known to be ideal for small enterprises' Laravel applications. Due to this, it is easier to prevent sharing the code repositories with just a few participants. Bitbucket can also be used as a private repository as it is flexible.
  3. Laravel Debugbar

    One of the most beneficial tools for Laravel development is the Laravel debugbar, which may significantly improve your business app. It gives you many details on what goes on in the background of your app. These details include performance data, route data, database queries, etc.
  4. Socialite

    OAuth authentication can be made simpler with Laravel Socialite. Users of this programme can sign in to social media sites, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Socialite automatically downloads a user's profile information from the social networking site after any user logs in and stores it in the database.
  5. Laravel Backup

    All the files used by the application are created as backups. All of the files in the directories you specified are contained in the zip file used to create the backup. This is a crucial Laravel development tool, and any reliable developer would not wish to ignore this tool.

As was said, the above-mentioned Laravel development tools significantly impact how quickly and effectively the application runs. Each Laravel development tool has special functions that streamline the creation process and simplify project management. Choose your best.